Hi, i’m Elco Bouma born in the Netherlands in 1975 and since then creating all kinds of software.


  1. Hoi Elco
    Ik speel het spel dutch darts revelation
    Ik speel dan tegen de Androids,
    Welk level is welk niveau??

    Zou u mij terug willen mailen?



    • Hoi Martijn,

      Het hoogste niveau is een bijna perfect spelende professional, het laagste niveau is een beginner. Daartussen loopt het langzaam op.


  2. There is a new achievement call nock out how do you get to play it can’t find how to start or even access it

    • Hi Slim651,

      The knockout tournament achievement is a teaser and will be available when the next update ( is published to the marketplace, somehere next week. At the moment i’m still developing this feature. It will work as follows, with every ranked match you win you earn money. This money can be used to pay the entry fee for a tournament. There will be all kinds of tournaments available. I’m still deciding on the frequency and max nr of players per tournament. When you win a tournament or end at least in the quarter finals, you also win prize money.

      This is in short what will be available in the next update, further updates will expand this principle.

      Best regards,

  3. Hello Elco,
    I have defeated the Flick Robot Challenge twice in the past week. I have not received the bit beer reward for neither victory. Do you know why?


  4. I have a new phone, please restore my accounts on PAO & DAO, games, rankings, btbeers, tickets etc

  5. HiElco,

    Mijn naam is George en heb betaalde versie van darts arena online,ik heb een nieuwe windowsphone en heb spel geïnstalleerd.Ik had een micro chip in oude telefoon,maar in de nieuwe een nanochip en nu ben ik mijn miljoen punten kwijt!Mijn telefoon nummer is hetzelfde gebleven,en vroeg ik mij af of ik die bitbeers punten kan terug krijgen?

    Hoop op een oplossing,
    Met vriendelijke grten

  6. Hi gmr,
    How do I block people in darts chartroom? I’ve done it before but i cant remember what to do


    • Here the instructions, were on the Facebook page a long time ago 🙂

      You activate this by entering commands into the lobby as a chatmessage. Commands start with a #

      ‪#‎ignore‬ : ignores the player

      ‪#‎notice‬ : remove from ignorelist

      ‪#‎ignorelist‬: shows notification with everyone you ignore

      The playername can be part of the playername as long as it results in 1 hit. Ignoring someone is not banning him. Banning is possible but is done by the moderators.

      • So lets say I want to ignore …bob
        #ignore : bob
        Are any of the above right? I cant seem to do it

  7. Ich habe ein neues Handy wie bekomme ich meinen Account (Nicke) zurück ?

  8. Bobarena has stopped working. Ranked games have been pending for a couple of days now and I spoke with someone else who said the same thing

  9. I lost a qf against Rich but was awarded 10 ranking points and have advanced to SF. Any way you can take me out and put rich in SF? He’s the one that deserves it?

  10. what tournament is it haggis ? cant find it to check it out..sent u an invite btw

  11. Ranked games are not matching up in pool. Not just me, everyone has this issue

  12. hi can you please help me with a problem i am having i just joined up to the pool table game onine i no a person on there i was going to play a game with, i didnt no much about the pair code number at the time, i thought by giving the person my paircode number we would be paired up as buddies on the game so we could play the game together, unfortunately its linked us up to the one account which is mine we were wondering how we would go about unpairing ourselfs so we could get our own seperate accounts back could you help us please.

  13. Having trouble signing into pool arena

  14. hoi elco
    ik heb een vraagje hoe kan ik dutch darts revelation downloaden is een top programma maar krijg hem niet meer gedownload want via dropbox een eror 403

  15. Beste Elco,
    Ik speel DDR al jaren en nu wil ik het op een PC in de garage installeren en het lukt niet hem te downloaden. Kan je een werkende link sturen?



  16. Everyone looking for the old dutch Dutch Darts Revelation view this blogpost


  17. Hae,I tried pairing my device, my original account got lost. My original account name was Tarus
    please help me with my previous pair code for account Tarus

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