There are 5 type of games: 301,501,cricket, round the clock and baseball. All the games can be played using 1 of 2 available control types flick or cross. With controltype flick you throw the dart using a flick movement of the dart. Controltype cross let’s you stop 2 moving bars that determine the horizontal and vertical position of the dart on the board.

The icons indicate which controltype you choose.

To play a 501 game with the moving bars as controls choose the icon with the yellow bars on it:

To play a 501 game with flick dart control choose the icon with the hand on it:

The same goes for all the other gametypes.

  1. How do you play knockout tournament????

  2. Any 1 wont a game

  3. Llonadamas lokue Juegos

  4. It would be alot better actually watching each dart being thrown by the opposite player and there being a shop were U can customise your darts or dart board and player look and be able to have challenges with harder computers which resemble real life dart champions. This game would be the topic of darting games on all devices and will sell well like angry birds etc

    • Hi Luke,

      Tnx for your suggestions. The shop and the harder challenges are on my list to make too. So just keep following Darts Aren with every update new feataures are added.


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