The main menu contains screens with all your games, ranking and achievements. The screens “your turn” and “their turn” show the games you’re currently playing. The “finished games” screen shows the game results. The “your ranking” screen shows your overall ranking for every type of game you’ve played. The “achievements” screen shows your (un)locked achievements.

The plus sign in the bottom opens “new game” and the small cogwheel in the bottom menu opens the settings page. Pressing the “…” gives access to the “developer blog” and the “marketplace”.

  1. It’s a good way of meeting ppl and also you can play a game of darts at the same time

  2. I have won over 30 games however have not gained any money to enter tournaments, how many have to be won?!

    • Hi Renee,

      Looked into the issue and it was indeed a bug ! When you start darts arena again you will get the amount for all the matches you’ve won and winning a ranked match will get you 100 bucks.This goes for everyone else who had this issue.


  3. Would it be possible to only get push notifications on tournament matches? I’ve turned notification off, as it became too much, but would like to get it on tourneys.

    Just a thought:-) Game still rocks.

  4. I’m playing in a tournament my opponent has timeout in the game. 2 and a half hours ago. The will not continue. It tells me I won and who my next opponent is. Then returns back to last opponent turn. Can you help me.

  5. I’m in a tournament and the game is stuck. My last opponent timed out and I won the game says I won and who my next opponent is then puts the game back to last opponent chance to play its been 2 and a half hours now.

  6. In a tournament game is stuck for 2 and a half hours. Game says I won by timeout and who my next opponent is. then returns to the last opponent turn to play. Can you help

  7. How long can a player not respond after starting a game until it is a forfeit. I have some games over a day with no response.

  8. Downloaded your latest app with sounds etc now every time I go to play and select your turn the game crashes any ideas what the problem is

  9. Hi Nashy,

    The nr 1 player in problems….that’s not good!

    Does it happen directly or are you able to choose a match, throw darts and when you then return to the your turn page it crashes ?

    What phone do you have ?

    What you could try to begin with is going to the settings screen and turning off sounds.
    What you could try second is completely uninstalling and reinstalling the game, and make sure you have some storage left on the device.


  10. I’ve turned the sound off and still it crashes. I have a Nokia lumia fone and as soon as I select your turn the game crashes. If I uninstall and re install will I lose all the points/money I have gained

  11. Seems to be working okay now thanks for your help!

  12. Ok, nashy! Thanks for reporting this issue. It had to do with a new advertising banner that doesnt show any ads where i live, but you were soooo lucky to get one šŸ™‚ And somehow that caused the crash. I’ve disabled this banner now, so noone should have this issue now.
    You can turn on sounds again if you like btw.

    Best regards,

  13. Good games

  14. Can romain08 get a life.. Lol

  15. How come wen playing Romain08 I lag alot? Should I be thinking bad?

  16. No…There’s nothing Romain can do to make you lag. Must be coincidence. There’s no direct connection beteren players.

  17. Bobby, you cant block anyone. certainly not in ranked games that would be unfair.

  18. When I say 42-1 its just an example

    • For example right now I say romain is 7-0 and poe is 2-5 in daily.. Excuse my math but that’s like 80 percent of his wins..does that seem right ? If u say yea then we just don’t see eye to eye.. Remember he could be playing his brother from the same room. 5 easy wins right there.

      • If u think it’s an excuse to block good players then I would of asked u to block the top 10 cause there’s more then 1 good player.. Don’t just put him as champ..

      • Sorry for bothering but at the end of the day its only a gm and only my opinion..

      • Besides all of that it’s a good game.. Thanks for putting up with all of us..

  19. Bobby, first of all thanks for your comments. This feedback is really valuable for me to know what’s on players minds. I really hope more players would do this !

    I think you made 2 points

    Not playing the same people every time
    Playing people of the same skill

    The first one will be solved automatically when the game gets more popular and more people are playing. Remind you its a wp7 wp8 game only now. No iPhone or androids…

    The second one also needs more players but can be solved by introducing leagues. And by that I mean the leagues as they are implemented in fifa 13 on xbox 360. I’m also thinking of turning the tournaments into the cup tournaments also like fifa 13.
    I think these would be perfect for the game. If you don’t know them…leave a comment and I’ll explain them in more detail.

    So yes I have noticed the same issues as you did and am thinking of solutions. If you have suggestions please share them !

    Best regards,

    • Try putting a section were we see who’s on so we can send challenges or give us an option to leave gm b4 it starts so we don’t get the loss.. That’s just me thinking fast,, give me a little time il try to come up with more ideas..

  20. How can I get random games I have been playing for a while and have only gotten 5 or 6 random request I even started playing other games and still don’t get random request

    • Hi Ms.P,

      When you start a new ranked game against a random opponent an opponent is picked from all the players who also did this. You can only receive an actual invite when someone chooses you to play a friendly unranked match with. So you won’t receive invites for ranked games.


  21. Nooit tegen Anita hacker

  22. The Beat of the best!!!

  23. And somehow that caused the crash. Iā€™ve disabled this banner now, so noone should have this issue now.
    You can turn on sounds again if you like btw.

  24. Top game

  25. Hi
    I have a issue playing tournements today I starter RTC tournement I won the first round but a minute later I saw in my turn that i had not win and had to trough the last turn again lucky I won again the same with tournement 501 I did see I won 1 minute later I had to do the last turn again so now i lost this turn and tournement šŸ˜¦

  26. Good game

  27. I accidentally deleted my paid version of the game do I have pay again to down load it back

  28. Hi Ms. P,

    You won’t have to pay again, just download it again and you’re ready to go.


    • Ok i fixed that. Now when I play my name is not coming up in all the games it says newbie on a lot of them. how do I fix this and do I get credit for wins.

  29. You must set your name again in the settings menu (the little cogwheel). the balance and money earned when you win is not tied to your name. So it doesnt matter if you win under the name newbie.

  30. I signed up for tourn….never played and got notice I won. Then signed up for a did tourn and never got any notice and it said someone else won it. So I signed up for 3 tourn and we’re gona see what happens

  31. Hoi GMR ik heb weer het zelfde probleem alleen nu in een gewone 301game. Ik zag you won en binnen 1 seconde komt die beurt terug en moet ik weer mijn laatste beurt spelen. En het versturen van mijn beurt gaat ook stroef en happerend. Groetjes Angel



  33. Thought there is supposed too be a notification when it’s your turn. Have yet to be notified.

  34. I enjoy playing darts very much but the one thing that turns me off is the obnoxious people writing abusive comments and being rude they shouldn’t be allowed to play it spoils the enjoyment of the game but there are some really nice people on here do we have to put up with the abusive language thanks

    • Hi Munchkin,

      Tnx for your comment. I’m working on a better profanity filter to get rid of any abusive comments people make while playing. We don’t want that!
      It will be coming in the next few days. I dont want to use the banhammer yet.


  35. I entered a tournament game played the quarter final game and won waiting 2 hours to start the semi finals never happen. I entered 2 more games for 501 tournament 1player needed to start I’m now waiting to start rtc tournament one with 4 player waiting other with 3 players can you help me with this. And no I didn’t pick the wrong games

  36. Hi Elco wonder if you can give me some assistance my phone keeps freezing when I’m thowing darts and comes up no network connection i have tried turning my phone off and back on again but still getting this problem i believe it’s happening to other dart opponents too if you can me me some advice. Thankyou Munchkin

  37. Sorry Elco forgot to mention i have an Htc windows phone that may b helpful to you Regards Munchkin

  38. In achievements i see the last in the end is to win masters tournament. So where is masters tournament???

  39. How to invite ” barney bot”????

  40. Am I the only one laggy ?? If it wasn’t for LAG I’d be undefeated…

  41. I am playing this game on my laptop and I am trying to throw the dart but idk how, what button do I press??!!

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