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Darts Arena Online Update V1.20 Available

A new version with some bugfixes and performance improvements. The most visible changes are the addition of the 3-dart average and winning streak ranking lists. They can be found in the pivot screen where the overall, yearly, monthly stats etc are also shown.

Check if the update is already available in your marketplace for the free version here and for the paid version here .

Darts Arena Online Release 1.20 Teaser

Just an hour ago i submitted the new version of Darts Arena Online to Microsoft, hopefully it will be published to the store in a day of 4 or 5. The most important change in this release is the addition of 2 types of rankinglists. For every gametype there is now an overall 3-dart avg ranking and an overall winning streak ranking. The 3-Dart Avg ranking shows the average score per turn for that gametype. The winning streak rankinglist shows the highest winning streak and the players current winning streak for that gametype between brackets. Hope you’ll like it !!!

3dartavg  winningstreak

Darts Arena Online is featured !!

Darts Arena Online is currently a featured game in the USA ! Right next to Assassin’s creed 🙂 Welcome all new US players !!



Darts Arena Online Update V1.19 Available

A quick update after the 1.18 sound update of last week. This update fixes the ingame chat icon that didnt notify you anymore of new chatmessages and it also fixes the lobby chat that should now be working.
Also a few performance improvements to reduce possible stuttering. If anyone is suffering from major stuttering after this update please try turning of sound first in the settings menu. If that doesnt help try turning of notifications. If that doesnt help…..check your phone 🙂 ! No…please leave a message somewhere on this site i might be able to learn from it and help you at the same time.

See you in the lobby! (I’m gmr)

Check if the update is already available in your marketplace for the free version here and for the paid version here .

Darts Arena Online Update V1.18 Available

Yessss….the first update of the new year! And it’s a big one….well in filesize. Because this one is all about sound. I’ve added sounds for the darts and caller sounds for everything you can throw in all the gametypes. You might also hear a little applause here and there.

Oh..and the lobby chat isnt functioning yet but i’m working on that.

Have fun with it!

Check if the update is already available in your marketplace for the free version here and for the paid version here .

update 3-2-2013: This update introduced some problems with the chat functionality as a result there is no notification of available chatmessages in the game (the chaticon isnt flickering). So check your chatmessages once in a while otherwise your chatty opponent could be very disappointed! This issue is addressed in the next update which has been submitted tonight. The update also fixes the brand new lobbychat function. Finally we can talk and challenge each other directly from the lobby!
Another thing is i read some reviews complaining about stuttering after the update. Disableing the sound in the settings menu should resolve this. If not then you might want to free up some space on your phone.

Sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused!


Happy new year !

And best wishes to all of you ! May this become a good dart year for all of us ! (and specially for the dutch, c’mon van Gerwen!)


My congratulations go to all the ‘I am Dominator’ Achievement winners of 2012 listed  below, anyone playing these guys know they’re up for a battle 🙂

Flick Darts

501: Bart–>NL<–
301: nashy
Baseball: Aleezi
Cricket: Aleezi
Round the Clock: gosman

Cross Darts

501: bullseyeant
301: krest31 (Rus)
Baseball: nashy
Cricket: Romain08
Round the Clock: Snikkaren (no)

Match length poll

Darts Arena Online Update 1.17 published

The new version 1.17 of Darts Arena Online has just been published to the marketplace and contains 2 updates:

  • When creating a match, a pending invitation is now shown in the Your Turn section. You can only have 1 pending invitation per gametype and after an opponent is found, you can create a new match.
  • The rankings now includes a balance section to view the top earners.

Check if the update is already available in your marketplace for the free version here and for the paid version here .

Introducing tournaments !

It took microsoft nearly 2 weeks, but they finally decided to approve the latest update.  I think they’re busy with someting called Windows 8 or something :-). The newly approved Darts Arena Online update 1.16 contains a fix for the flick darts showing up in the left topcorner and ofcourse a new addition called knockout tournaments. Because it’s a new feature that i haven’t been able to test thoroughly on my own it will be in public beta the first few days. This means things can go wrong, but eventually i’ll fix it 🙂

The tournaments can be found on a new pivotpage called ‘Tournaments’ (how surprising). At first only 1 beta tournament will be playable, which i’ll monitor closely. This one requires no entry fee but also doesnt have prizemoney to win. The only thing that can be won at first is the ‘knock me out’ achievement. When all bugs (i know i’m not perfect!) are fixed i’ll open up more tournaments.

Later on tournaments will require an entry fee, the fee can be earned by winning ranked matches. Every match you win will earn you $100.  For all the matches you’ve won until this version comes out you get $100. Winning a tournament gives you 50% of the prizemoney of the tournament. The runner up gets 25% the numbers 3 and 4 get both 12,5%.

The 1.16 version only shows your total earnings, the next update will include a rankinglist based on the total earnings.

Have fun !!!!!!!



Flick Darts – First Findings

Since its introduction Flick darts is taking up popularity real quickly ! I would really like to hear from you guys what you think about the current implementation. Is it too sensitive ? or rather too insensitive ? Please leave a comment with your findings.

Things I found so far :

-Dart in upper left corner.

Sometimes when you flick a dart it ends in the upper left corner. This happens when your flick is too short, and the game has too few samples to get a precise shot. If you want to minimize the possibility this happening always make sure you do a long enough flick. In the next update this will be fixed.

-Round The Clock virtually impossible

When playing RTC and you miss a number, which obviously is going to happen a bit more with flick darts then with cross darts, you go back 1 number. I decided to ditch this rule in flick darts in the next update, so you wont go back 1 number when you miss.

-Cricket score on numbers other than 15-20 & Bull

It was possible to score on other numbers. A server update already prevents this, although the score will still show directly after throwing, it wont count when it has reached the server. The next update will also fix this issue on the phone.

And to end with a little teaser, did you guys already see the latest (not achieveable yet) achievement ?