Please post your feedback about my games here. Be polite, i’m making these games in my spare time 🙂


  1. When the game crashes when entering the arena press the back button and forfeit the match during countdown.

    working on the update !

    • I was playing Pool Arena on FB when someone asked for a rematch. For some reason the game just kept making us break over and over again. Was that a glitch on your part or did I get hacked some kind of way? Everything went back to normal when I quit the game and started a new one.

  2. Hi,

    I have the crashing issue when clicking on Arena. You stated to press the back button on the count down screen but unfortunately it doesn’t get that far! I get to the screen where it tells me the game type and prize money and so on…. As soon as I press continue I get a black screen and then the app closes and im back to the windows liclve game menu. So I can’t do the method u suggested? Just though id let u know! Just invade its required my user name is Dazza9999.

    • Ok..thanks for the feedback Dazza ! This kind of input helps a lot ! In your case i think you’ve got to uninstall and reinstall the game if you want to get it working now.

  3. What features would you guyz like to see in a new version ?

    -Online multiplayer ?
    -More rankinglists ?

    etc etc

  4. Sux that u don’t have a choice which game u want to play. Also on the 301 & 501 games I don’t get the last dart. Felt I’ve won so many times but always goes over.

  5. Hi Fred,

    In practice mode you can choose whatever game you want to play against opponents of the skill you choose.
    What I do to hit the doubles is i always try to end at 40, i know how to throw a double 20 and this makes things so much easier.
    Hope this helps.


  6. on my wp7 phone the Dart app opens after wach Dart a Browser ans go to your Website… I habe to press back eher, time ans that suckz! 🙂
    why, is this?

  7. Hi elco,
    no i do Not press the Commercial Area. From my Point of view it happens when the app will load an New Commercial… But on my htc mozart, the app open a New Browser window 🙂

    • I’ve been trying to reproduce this issue on my omnia 7 but it just doesnt happen. If anyone else is having this issue could they please leave some feedback ? I should have a lot of clicks if this happens with everybody, but i don’t so i think it’s something special about your device or an app you might have installed

  8. Awesome game eats up alot of my down time, tks. It would be cool to play online against someone else. Also maybe a re-entry fee to stay in the same lvl. Also the new point system works out well also with the extra bonuses. Keep up the good work. HTC w7

  9. Hi, brilliant game. Can’t stop playing it when I get a spare minute. However, the only thing that’s really bugging me is when I play in party mode it seems to keep jolting or jumping so I can’t be as accurate. How can I ever reach number 1 with this messing up my darts! 😀 Well done and hope it can be corrected.

  10. Game is so much fun I can’t stop playing whenever I have a second! I was wondering if it would be possible to be able to pick the amount you wager (like a bet) according to the game, or have the ability to skip games. Thanks again for creating!

  11. Hello Elco,
    My name is Duncan, and I run a sound design company Dry Dock Audio, out of a loft in Devon, UK. We create bespoke music/SFX for games. 

    Our showreel is available at Examples of our recent work on the “Chucks Challenge” iPhone game by Niffler can be found on the ‘Portfolio’ page.
    Dry Dock work to your brief, and deliver the sounds you want, but that dosent stop us creating something unique and special; our focus is on bespoke sound. You will not end up with generic background music, or musical wallpaper; we will deliver perfectly matched, tailor-made audio that is distinctly Dry Dock, and distinctly you. Communication and collaboration are essential to our work. We want to provide the perfect sounds first time, so you can deliver your game on-time and on-budget.
    We would relish the chance to work on your next game. Our prices are competitive, affordable and open to negotiation. Email us with some project details, and we can draw us a personal, no-obligation quote. 
    Thank you very much for your time, thank you for reading and all the best,
    Duncan MacKinnon
    Sound Design, Composition, SFX

  12. Scoring changed in v1.8. Now you can only get 3×20 if you hit the line towards the center (downside). Others get triple also on the line above, which gives the ones who has not upgraded an advantage. Say we both hit exactly the same spot on top of the triple field, they get 180, I get 60.

    Else: top game,but maybe round the clock was too easy; beginner wins?

    • Hi Kristian, You’re right on all your points. With round the clock i was looking for a game for beginners, with the rtc achievements definately for the pro’s.I got more ‘complaints’ it is too easy in its current form, so i might change it a bit in a next version. But otherwise just dont play it, there will come more interesting gametypes with every update in the next weeks. The 1.9 update of next week will add baseball for example as a new gametype, that will be more of a game for the pro’s, and it’s a game where it doesnt matter who starts. Hope you’ll like that more. If you have suggestions for other gametypes, please let me know ! Tnx for your feedback! Best regards,Elco Bouma

      • New RTC-version very good;-) Not too many players yet, but I guess that will change over time. Makes it easier for me to get the achievements. Thanks.

  13. Love the game im hooked,one thing though. I had 41 left in 501 game threw 1 then double20 scoreboard went to zero but target lines came up again, I threw outside the board and was told I bust. Ended up loosing game when I had already won. Other than that can’t get enough of it haven’t watched tv in ages. Keep up the good work. Ps do you play yourself and if so under what name.

    • Hi george mac,

      Thanks for your response. I looked into your issue and i think i can come up with one situation where this might happen. After you threw the double 20 to end the game, there was a call made to the server. I think this call failed and the game continued, then you threw the zero. This wasn’t a double zero george ! 🙂 that’s why you lost…

      Yes i play too, but have to split my time in playing and developing new features for you guys 🙂 If you need me or want to play me you can contact me here or in the game under the name ‘gmr’


  14. Hi George mac again. It would be great if every time you got a nine darter it would tell everyone, not just the once as it is so hard to do. Also have a leaderboard of most 180s, just an idea thanks.

  15. hi, have windows 7 phone app works great, just wondering how to play the knock out tournament??? There is no button or game icon

  16. Hi slim,

    View my answer on your question here :


  17. He ..jammer die aanpassing in rtc. Vond dat terugzetten nou juist de uitdaging. T d spel was echt wel uit te spelen. Hopelijk zet je t weer terug.

    Btw. Ik kan de rtc games niet meer openen na mijn Update.

    Groet Robert.

  18. Showing nations players come from would be nice!

  19. Please help me to learn this game.thanks

  20. Great game, does need a 20 minute timeout instead of an hour. My only niggle about an excellent darts game 🙂

  21. You should seriously consider placing a 1 hour timeout on all games. Some players just start a game and take a turn once or twice a day. Not fair to those of us who like playing competitively.

  22. Hi there, I have been playing darts arena online and its a great game. Now I have just updated it and I have found a glitch when flicking darts. It seems to stick then stops the shot from working well. I aim for the 20, it sticks then lands in the 3. Most frustrating ! I have uninstalled and reinstalled but still the same. Please help !

  23. Nice game, but why isn’t there a option to play a game like first to 3 or 5 legs or an option to play sets?


    • Pietler,

      The biggest reason not to do that yet is simply the speed of the game. Playing best of 3 or 5 could potentially take ages and i don’t think it would add to the fun.

      If you want to play best of x you can play friendly games, the starter automically swaps every game to make it fair. That also counts for ranked games. It would also make the matchmaking extra complicated and the waiting time for a match longer.

      hope this answers your question

      Best regards,


  24. Can you change the competitions page so that tournaments you are no longer in from either losing or winning are sorted below the the ones available for entry?

    Would like to easily check on the tournaments Im still in without sorting through the ones I am no longer in.

  25. Hi there gmr,
    Firstly i would like once again to say well done on a great game (darts arena online). When i had windows 7.8 this game ran sweetly, but now I’m on windows 8.0 (lumia 620), and there is a noticable lag when opening games from ‘my turn’. Are you likely to release any more updates to combat this ? Many thanks. Wayne.

  26. I defeated the flick supervisor yesterday. But, did not receive bitbeers. Does it take a while for those to load?


  27. Hello!Can you tell me is it possible to reset all win-los history?

    • no not yourself, it’s tied to the device…but if you contact me ingame i can reset your account if you want…invite gmr…

      • Ok,nice)I just losses to many times and my rating looks not so beautiful you know.Now my skills growed up and I want to start again with new rating:-)
        Sorry for the mistakes,English is not my native language)

      • I just sent to you my invitation.My nickname is newbie5451.So if you can,please help to reset my account.

  28. Great game (darts) I find that the notification number remains on after a win but goes off after a loss.

  29. Hello,

    I like this game very much and had almos 5 million points.
    Now i have a new telephone and can’t hold my points and rankings so I have to start again with 0 points.
    Is there a way to hold my points???


  30. Hi! First of all ur game is awesome!!its one of d best mobile games I’ve ever played….
    The problem is there are times when i play ‘rise of cross robots’ and i win but didn’t get that 10000 bitbeers i was supposed to…is there any way that i can get them…plzz do relpy

  31. Hi GMR guess whose back, can you transfer the bits and bobs from my old account LFC Red YNWA 96 to my new UrbanIceberg UK account. Cheers

  32. I defeated the supervisor yesterday in the flick robot. But I didn’t receive the10,000 bitbeer reward.

  33. I have defeated the supervisor in the flick robot tournament, this week. I haven’t received the reward for neither.

  34. Twice this week

  35. Hi

    It’s a one time price….defeating the supervisor more than once only gives 10000 one time…


  36. Prize 😁

  37. Just got a new do I get everything back??

  38. Hi Elco

    Weet niet hoe ik jou moet uitnodigen zoals je had omschreven,ik speel cross en jij staat niet in mijn vrienden lijst zodat ik die bitbeers kan krijgen!
    Kan jij mij niet uitnodigen..John Lowe?

    Met vriendelijke groeten
    George P.

  39. Gmr hi,

    Ja..wil mijn account overzetten naar nieuwe telefoon..John Lowe!

    George P.

  40. Hi Elco,
    Je hebt 3 stooges die constant frauderen,om bitbeers te halen en ik vroeg mij af of hier niet wat tegen gedaan kan worden.Op dit moment bezetten zij alle speedleagues,en gaat zo en een tijd door..ook gisteren en de dag daarvoor.Zij staan dagelijks rank 1-2-3-4 zonder te spelen in alle cross games!!!!Kobbefis/Fyziik/Mandyhund…..

    Panka 58

  41. Have a new phone, now i lost al my games and stat’s. Can’t connect to my old account (nickname) (Roadrunenrtoao).
    How can i connect to my old games?

  42. Hi just thought id let you know I really enjoy darts arena and you’ve done a great job on it. Just thought I’d suggest some kind of option that lets you know where you’ve finished in tournaments as currently you kind of have to work it out yourself by your bitbeer points if you’re not online when the tournament finishes or have to go into the tournaments menu and look which can be time consuming

  43. Hi great job on darts arena. Its fantastic and really addictive. There I just one suggestion I’d like to make and that is some kind of inbox or menu option that tells you where you have finished in a tournament. The process for this currently is quite laborious and to save time you end up kind of guessing from your bitbeer total. Other than this slight issue the game is perfect and thanks for creating it.

    • Sorry I didn’t realise you had replied to my previous post….slightly embarrassing! Anyway yes I did mean something like the message centre on pool arena would be great. Thanks again

  44. Hi Gmr

    I have a spare phone and I wanted to pair it with the account on my main phone but I did it the wrong way about!
    I want both phones to be haggis but instead they are both paired to Irn Bru.
    I tried uninstalling it but that didnt work.
    Any idea how I get my main account back?

  45. Top man gmr thanks 😊
    Both phones now haggis as I wanted
    Is it possible to bring back irn bru on my old phone if I wanted? How would I do that?

  46. yes thats possible if u have the paircode of irn bru..otherwise i can give it to you…

  47. Goede morgen
    Blue Devil speelt hetzelfde spelletje in beatdown, als toen met die 3 stooges!


  48. Have a new phone, now i lost al my games and stat’s. Can’t connect to my old account (nickname) (Nicke).
    How can i connect to my old games?

  49. I love your dart game but I noticed to for over a week now your cross cricket game isn’t available is there a glitch on your side or is it maybe me. All the other games show up on beat down just the cross cricket don’t.

  50. Hi just was wondering if you could make a new account and get rid of you’re old one and if so how do you do that?

  51. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling ?

  52. Hi,I started playing Pool Arena Online last day and suddenly by starting the game, it asks me for my pen name and for my age. I thus have no more access to my account. My pen name is ShynizZ Ace’s 4L. Otherwise, the game is great, I can’t wait for the new update!

  53. Hi there guys, there’s been alot of major issues with darts online lately and I’m guessing that I’m probably not the first one to mention it!! Games not disappearing when played, darts randomly fly to high, forever getting the “can’t connect to server” message sometimes more Than 20 times in an evening, although my connection is fine. Anyway, mini rant over ! If you would be so kind to check the game as I know a few people are looking to quit the game completely. Many thanks, Ghost 👻

  54. This game CONSTANTLY has the same certain ppl who bully other ppl, call other names by then when u try and speak up to say its wrong, the person that’s bullied is the one pushed out. I asked for my money back when I was threatened with being kicked because to me its not worth the hassle of the person that designed the game to act so unfair and unprofessional. I get no response and no money returned and I am going to do everything I can to make sure this game or issue is put out there and resolved.

    • Jason, cooldown…just prove you can be non-provoking in the other games and we can talk later…

      • Non provoking?? That is EXACTLY the issue I BEEN having since day 1 w/that snow person especially! If I could have complained I would of the very first day I purchased the gm as I couldn’t believe that this snow white person could call me all kinds of names the 1st day I played this gm just bcuz of something she seen that I said to somebody ELSE in joking around, not even towards her, and then when I responded telling her she has no right calling me names when the conversation did not involve her anyways, then all the sudden all her friends started on me too not even realizing she called me names over sumthin that wasn’t said to her anyways! And its been that same group of ppl since day one that CONTINUOUSLY but their nose in business or conversation having nothing 2 do with them! It was like that the 1st day I played, nobody knowing me at all & I didn’t know them obviously, bu they all act like they can control what u say to your friends in a public chat room and gang up on u calling me an idiot, moron n plenty other things! So I FINALLY felt provoked enough by them that I reacted just like any other grown man would except this time, like today, I refrained myself from callin them names like snow was to me and “im the one who gets took off chat”??? That is extremely unprofessional! So now I FINALLY can give my version of what has been going on but it has to be in this kind of way?? Even 2 of my friends came on, seen the same crap goin on w/those saaaame ppl and I STILL told them out of respect dont get involved because its not right to have 5 ppl gang up on 1 person & they shouldn’t get involved. So basically, all this time I’ve BEEN trying to tell them that when your in a public chat room in a game on a cell phone, comments I say doesn’t mean it had anything to do with other ppl! Even when I’ve told these same ppl they’re assuming wrongfully and that they need to stop calling me names, things like what’s happened today ends up happening! I simply was doing what this octopus person was doing…. Putting silly pictures up and for some reason it of the blue, snow said I was obnoxious for doing that but never said anything to octopus, and then her friends get involved, snow keeping on calling me an idiot, moron, drug addict and so on and so forth so if anything THAT IS PROVOKING and I did only what anybody would do and that is speak up telling them how wrong it is to assume me sending silly pics WITH octopus is hardly being obnoxious! Even that octopus person in his or hers way was trying to say there’s no harm in pics and that the whole group of those ppl bashing me, assuming and exaggerating is completely uncalled for and got waaayyyyy out of hand when others get involved too, calling me names while I purposely DID NOT to try and prove a point that I thought u would of gone back to see how unfairly everything got played out! Calling ppl names over me and octopus putting pics up that r funny, IS PROVOKING dont u think?? I’m almost 40 yrs old! I have NEVER had issues or problems or people go so far out if their way to cause trouble and gang up on ONE PERSON! I get along with everybody! So if I’m not going to now be able to chat with my friends that have ALWAYS seen my side of this trash or they’ve had to experience it themselves bu jus dont speak up n say anything cuz if u do YOU’LL GET GANGED UP ON, then I’d much rather have my money back as I have BEEN suck of the unfair treatment since the first day I played darts! On that very 1st day in fact, when snow, nashy, guru and bonnie ganged up in me, somebody had even said to me that im right for speaking up, but that I shouldn’t bother wasting my time cuz I’ll never win in the end…..BOY WERE THEY RIGHT! But im sorry, I jus can’t sit n be quiet when a handful of ppl jump down my throat in a public chat rm over things said that had NOTHING to do with them! Especially since & on the first day I played and chatted?? They gotta jump down my throat as if I even knew them TO say anything to them?? I think the ppl that say snow white is bipolar is right! Cuz one day she’s your friend, the next u can joke around with a friend in chat and she interrupts calling u an idiot or a moron n then says she was drunk which still I not an excuse! So, I apologize that this msg has to be so long but its been soooooo long that I’ve always wanted to da something cuz some ppl jus dont seem to understand that in a public chat rm u dont just involve yourself in other ppls conversations n then either assume and/or call ppl names and expect the person your calling names to, to just sit back and take it, especially when its 5 ppl ganging up on u! So I hope something gets fixed here bcuz I’ll b damned if I paid for a game only to be unfairly mistreated and provoked since the first day and labeled “the bad guy” cuz I speak up and tell them to mind their own business after being treated like im some punk teenager when im NOT. Maybe u need to tell those ppl that if you’re guna chat in a public chat room for THE WHOLE WORLD to chat, to not be so quick to assume n then judge a person n then call them names but cry when that person tells u off for calling them names and misjudging them cuz that’s all I’ve ever done since day 1! I even put aside all the names snow called me to be mature about it and friends with her when she actually owed me an apology if anything. I’m sorry but snow really does cause ALOT of trouble and provokes other ppl to get involved and gang up on a guy like me and I discouraged my friends from getting involved or taking my side cause thats just not right or adult like. So again, I apologize for this msg being long but I’ve held this all in since day one and never knew how to get in contact with”support” or I would have since the first day ppl were nosey, assumed n then judged me so wrongfully and threatening me with you(gmr) ever since the first day which I mean c’mon! … That’s just absolutely ridiculous and see through! Hope all this helps u better understand my position in all this but its not fair that it falls all only on my shoulders if anybody is to be reprimanded or anything. If this doesn’t correct the issue of med not being able to talk to my friends and everything I paid for, then please, just give me my money back. In all the years I was a Marine, played on Xbox live and games on phones, I HAVE NEVER COME ACROSS THIS PROBLEM OR ISSUES WITH PPL like those few in darts that I can name even! In fact I one of those ppl who help others having issues in games on XboxLive or issues with internet connection n all! I have NEVER been labeled so wrongfully as sum1 who provokes! N E V E R! If you’re any kind of “professional” then I would assume you’d handle this PROPERLY please. Thank u for taking the time to read this. Sorry for all the inconvenience.

      • I’m sorry to have to email again but why dont u look and see what aaaaaall those ppl r saying now?!?? If anything they’re proving what im trying to say is RIGHT! They’re gloating and the other things being said only proves also that they DO BULLY PEOPLE and USE YOU to take advantage of what u can do if a gang of people want to gang up on someone to have their way!! This is exactly what I meant by how UNPROFESSIONAL the whole situation has been handled! Honestly after now sitting n watching things all them people are saying on top of the other people that are trying to tell them its not right what they done or caused to hapin to me, I dont care to play this game or feel comfortable with paying money for a game that the developer can be so swindled into taking actions that are extremely UNFAIR! Please, either correct this or give me my money back. If not, I guarantee I will do what u can in my power to get my money back and/or let other know how situations are handled when a person gets bullied and forced out just because he speaks up when people are wrong for assuming and judging and ganging up on people to have their way and push the person out just cuz they don’t like to hear somebody like me tell them how wrong they are or the truth that they’re rude and nosey! I will take this to other levels if u do not handle this properly as I have NEVER had an experience like this before in all the games I play on my phone or Xbox! Totally and utterly ridiculous!

      • You know, u SERIOUSLY need to take a look at what other people who have had the SAME horrible bullying experience as I did in the other game chat rooms because I just came across ANOTHER lady her ganged name being”boss lady” in pool & she said the EXACT SAME THING I TRIED TELLING YOU how she felt and was bullied and how snowhite turned everybody against her just like what’s happened to me except she decided to not play anymore, and I only spoke up cuz ITS WRONG and then u ban me from chatting she u REALLY NEED to look and see how many other people are saying the exact same things I am!!! I even called Microsoft and Windows about this unfair, unprofessional treatment and if I need to take this further because u keep ignoring me then I WILL and I will have ALOT MORE people to back me up other than those 5 people (snowhite, nashy,guru & cupcake) that u took the wrong sides of, and ALL these people r ones that have had to deal with being bullied, called names and have them turn people against them! STOP IGNORING WHAT IS GOING ON HERE BECAUSE THIS IS GOING TO AND IS STARTING TO TURN INTO SOMETHING BIGGER WHEN IT SHOULDNT BEING YOU ARE THE ONE THAT CAN PUT A STOP TO THESE PEOPLE DOING THIS TO ME AND ALL THE OTHERS! A lawsuit for harassment that YOU ALLOWED and then punish those like me who r the victims, and not giving me my money back….like I said, this now is about the principle of the situation and I will not stop trying or doing what I need to so its brought to the attention of the proper people who can and will shut u down!

  55. Hey my name boss lady and I have been bullied by some people on darts I don’t hardly play anymore becusse they want to tag team me and try telling me I am stalking someone and I felt so hated by the things they where saying if your not in the little click they treat you like a black sheep and tag team you

    • hey boss ladie i hate guys like that there should be no bullying on here just because your a ladie, they just jealous beacause there not like you kicking there buts.

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  57. Love love the darts arena! Having an issue buying tickets with my card though….keeps taking me to the PayPal website where it reads “we had trouble processing last transaction” but I don’t want to use PayPal lol

  58. Yeah, USE to love playing darts UNTIL a certain group of the saaaaaaame people/supposed adults kept either jumping to conclusions, assuming and/or judging extremely wrongfully; kept bulling me, I then AS A 37 YR OLD GROWN MAN attempted to only stand up for myself, not even using vulgarity, but at most I used what most call “constructive criticism”, I then ended up getting banned from chatting for a game I even bought & paid for, even asked the (I’m guessing) game developer to please scroll back and read/see the WHOLE truth, WHOLE situation and/or speak to me through email on the side because I’m not the only one to get bullied or pushed around, I’m just one of the few who stood up to these people compared to others either quit playing darts all together or they had to change their name so they would stop being bothered even!!! YET STILL after 2 or 3 months I am unable to chat after being treated so unfairly and unprofessionally I cannot chat in darts lobby…..i havnt even played the game in MONTHS as a result of the way the one particular game developer didn’t even bother to TRY and hear my side or realize what REALLY was goin on considering I only spoke up for myself and others in a extremely mature way considering how many names I kept CONSTANTLY being called yet I STILL, ON PURPOSE said nothing of the sort back in thinking it would be seen clear as day who was provoking who in the lobby if this guy really did look back and check what was said and how it all started……THERE’S NO WAY IN HELL HE DID because I even invited and very much so wanted him to take a look I said to him even so he would see the proof! I play on Xboxlive and all sorts of other games in multiplayer because I love meeting new people, I play with nothing bit teamwork, I’m always kind and curious, all of this I been doing for over a decade yet NEVER IN MY LIFE have I had such a horrible experience with being bullied and ganged up on, ON PURPOSE, to get me purposely banned from chatting and how the game developer took these peoples side instead of even taking the time to see and hear my side, WHAT A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE IVE EVER HAD IN MY WHOLE LIFE OF GAMING! IVE NEVER, EVER GOTTEN BANNED FROM CHATTING OR MISTREATED SO MALICIOUSLY from a game let alone a game like darts on a cell phone! Absolutely RIDICULOUS as I have been completely ignored, no response whatsoever from Ebouma about this since it occurred MONTHS ago and I paid for that kind of treatment? Guess I got robbed 2 dollars considering I had asked for my money back if nobody from Ebouma staff was even guna talk with me AT LEAST……HORRIBLE HORRIBLE COMPANY.

  59. Got an issue on pool arena. Plz send me a game invite so I can let you know

  60. I can’t play in the seasons as I have no button to do so, I am on the windows store version


  62. It now says hello newbie when I try to open up Pool. And it won’t let me log in it says someone already has that name. Gary 420 4l

  63. I was playing Pool Arena on FB when someone asked for a rematch. For some reason the game just kept making us break over and over again. Was that a glitch on your part or did I get hacked some kind of way? Everything went back to normal when I quit the game and started a new one.

  64. I have downloaded pool on my PC and would like to pair it with my phone but I do not have a paircode ?? My name is VaporShark

  65. go to the settings page on your phone and press the link button at the bottom..thats where the paircode is.

  66. I’ve been playing the Connect4 game for a while now and I really like it. Great job with all the details!

    One problem is that there’s a small group of players (Kobbefis, Fyziik, and Mandyhund) who I suspect are all the same person. They always play each other quick games and always let Kobbefis win. I’ve played all of them and they’re all equally good, so how is it possible that, for example, I *never* see Fyziik beating Kobbefis in the headlines? I’m sure Fyziik always purposely loses to Kobbefis. Also if I have ongoing games against all of them, they always mysteriously get online around the same time as each other and all my games against them advance together.

    So it looks like one person (Kobbefis) has several fake profiles to help boost the score of the main profile. Perhaps he keeps changing his profile on a single device. I did notice that the other profiles are likely to time out, probably because they don’t get the notification that a timeout is about to happen.

    I also see a post above from Panka 58 complaining about these same players in the darts arena game!! I don’t mind having Kobbefis as a very strong player but I’m sure the other ones are fake or at best they’re colluding with him.

    Thanks for hearing my complaint and I hope something can be done about it. 🙂


  67. It will no longer work, I am on windows 10. It loads up then immediately kicks me out
    Gary 420 4l

  68. hi im having a issue on the pool table game online my first time here i had given my pair code to a person i no and they had put my pair code number in on the game, as soon as they have done that we are now linked up to the one account, we want to no how to unpair ouselfs so we can get our own seperate accounts back please, if anyone can help me solve this problem would be much appreciated.

  69. eckeneckepen

    Hello gmr,

    I have two things I would like to notify:

    1) Yesterday (May 17th) I’ve won two Minor Arena KOs and haven’t received any tickets for the 640 points. I would be very pleased if you could check this.

    2) I’ve written you a message via FB a few weeks ago concerning the points which you can earn in the different tournament modes. I asked for a personal match (name: eckeneckepen) to discuss this but never got any response. In fact I wanted to clarify why you can earn 320 points for a simple KO tournament with 4 matches maximum by an entry fee of only 5 tickets, whereas the winner of only a minor arena league only receives 128 points for playing 14 matches and an entry fee of 10 tickets? Same for the League of Legends…

    Your skills have to be higher for winning a league over a long period than for winning 4 matches in a KO tournament.

    Why do I have to pay 10/20 tickets for a Minor/Major Arena Beatdown (only one final match) but will only receive 125/250 points and thus, only 5/10 tickets? Shouldnt you get back at least your entry fee for winning it?

    I really wish, we could discuss this in personal in the game or here and look forward to reading something from you.


  70. 1) Fixed it, next time you win something you will get your tickets. It was due to the bug where you gained lots of tickets.

    2) That’s mostly due to the fact that in leagues there are more rounds and you get more points for a win. The total nr of points awarded in both type of tournaments is about 75% of the entryfee tickets but they are spread differently over the rounds.

    3) Same goes for the beatdown it’s a way to gain rankingpoints quickly but with a risk. And again about 70 percent of the entryfee is paid out. Otherwise it could easily be abused.

    Hope this clears things up a bit,


    • eckeneckepen

      Sorry, if multiple messages appeared unpolite but I didn’t know on which way to contact you best.

      1) Thanks for fixing it.
      2) I can understand the thought behind it (actually I supposed this conclusion previously). But then I have one remark: The winner of a Masters torunament earns 400 points for winning a best-of-the-week tournament, saying that the best players of each week play each other. Shouldn’t then a League of Legends be rated higher than a Masters tournament? At least, it says that the best players of each month play each other…
      However, as far as I have communicated with the rest of the frequently online players, a League of Legends is not very popular due to the facts that it’s not very high rated, but rather that it takes tooooooo long with 16 players. In my oppinion a higher rated KO tournament only for the best 8 players would be more appropriate.


  71. No, don’t worry they were not impolite, and this way to contact me is fine cause everybody can read it and i dont need to spread the word 🙂

    About the league of legends, point made, i heard more complaints about it. I think we should reconsider it and make it a big knockout tourney also.


  72. eckeneckepen


    What happens to my account if I update my phone to Win10? Everything’s deleted?

  73. no…go the settings and write down the paircode and your username..after installing on w10, just pair with that account again and play on.

  74. Hi gmr, looks like the daily free tickets are not being dished out in pool, quite a few ppl rely on these free tickets just to play.

  75. Hi Haggis,

    You only get a message when you are lucky and receive a free ticket, not when you don’t receive anymore. But they still are dished out.


  76. Hey gmr,

    do you think there is a possibility for a ranking of “won tournaments” (and I mean KO-tournaments)? You can look up for your personal ranking but only on the ranking points level. And to be honest: the people in the front of these rankings are just not reachable. Therefore, it would be marvellous if there is a ranking with the won events…maybe also in separated tournaments, like “won minor KOs; won major KOs, won KoA; etc”?

    Btw: the next time you’ll update something, you could fix some misspellings; it’s “ball off table” instead of “ball of table” – and “error in retrieving match” instead of “error in retreiving match”.

    Cheers mate

  77. Hey gmr,

    something went wrong in the sn6 masters final of week 27 (eckeneckepen vs [FBA] R.B): I have won it by 44-0 and the game shows it as “won”, but it tells me that i lost and it also was counted as if I lost. So I only got 200 ranking points…

    Can you fix this?

    Thank you

  78. Hi, i opened the match and tourney again, could you finish your turn ? Curious if it goes right now…

  79. hey, For some reason I have got signed out of the game, and when I try to log back in with my name (Benpymer) it says it taken. I need a pair code or something?

    How can I get back in please?

  80. device pairing is not working for me. my name is dimar. im using the correct paircode but nothing happens when i click the “pair” button. please help, my matches will time out soon! 😦 😦

  81. you can’t pair your device more then once in 24 hours…guess if you try now it should work….once 🙂

  82. hey,, seem to have lost my signin… name is benpymer but its signing me in a s a guest… I have turns waiting 😦

  83. same here, boxmeup in pub arena

  84. I already sent msgs on the Pool Arena Online Facebook page but I am hoping that this might get seen sooner. I cannot get into my game there. It asks me to sign up and when I put my name in etc it says the name is already in use, of course because I use it, and then I use the offer to pair this device with that one, even though its the same one and only device, and enter the paircode I wrote down for just such need it says the paircode or “Player with that paircode cannot be found.” Please, PLEASE fix this. I enjoy your games a lot and between Pool AND Pub Arenas Online they get about 3/4 of my time spent playing online. Thanks in advance. Please advise when this is seen and let me know what the plan is. email Foolzmoon is user name and 216KPS is the paircode the game gave me.

  85. Hey gmr,

    I’ve got a question: I think it would be fairer if the current King had the right to break the final. In 9 and 8 ball, the current king has a great disadvantage, when your opponent breaks… And I guess the rights of a king should be higher than the opponent’s?

    Can you consider this?


  86. Hey gmr,

    May it be, that the update implemented a bug? I recently had my second 8ball match in which suddenly I have hit the wrong ball, although it was a correct shot on my colour! In fact,I played the correct balls before without an error and then suddenly it was said to be the wrong colour…

    Cheers mate

  87. pool arena online will not sign me in, it worked fine earlier today! Why all of a sudden it fails to sign in on windows phone

  88. Best Elco,
    Kan mr.Kobbefis niet in de gaten gehouden worden:0(…Hij speelt tegen 2 Newbies 2000 en 3876 die deze week al meer als 18 keer verliezen,en hij komt om het 1en half uur terug om tegen dezelfde newbie te winnen…kom on zeg!!

    Thnx man grtjes.

  89. Upgraded to new phone, my current games on not there???? , Darts Arena – SurfNazi(HAW)

  90. Hai Elco,
    Ik heb een nieuwe Lumia onder de naam Panka47,kan jij misschien mijn account overzetten naar deze telefoon?

    George P.

  91. Beste Elco,
    Daar ben ik weer met geklaag,over mr. Kobbefis en zijn 3 Newbies.Sorry maar weet niet of andere het ook over hem hebben,zie het wel op de Chat voorbij komen!Ik hoop toch maar weer dat er iets hieraan is te doen oké…BvD 👍

    Met vriendelijke groet,

  92. What has happened to big bucks cross cricket? It not been available for over a week mow.

  93. hey gmr,

    I’m trying to contact you via a friendly game…got some issue to be fixed: We stuck again in an endless foul series in the KotA-9Ball game eckeneckepen vs. KillerQueen.
    Could you reset the game please?

    Thx and cheers,

  94. Having issues with buying tickets . Name is ” OG 222 “

  95. Goede middag,willen jullie aub kijken naar de cricket dag ranking wat er gebeurd met mr KOBBEFIL.Hij speelt met 5 telefoons!!!Genaamd Newbie…

  96. You guys,just keep an eye on mr. Kobb with his darts event ok..thanks!Account 7 times,I think it’s from Leipo!!!
    I have challenge him out,so you guys can’t see it. G.Panka

  97. hi ineed to get back my ranking and points says im copycat help

  98. I’m trying to play darts 🎯 but can’t buy bitbeers… How can I check my account

  99. I still can not find my favorite table waiting for sneakers GG

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